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Air Madagascar flies from Fort Dauphin to Antananarivo (from €245, two hours, daily) and Tuléar (€479, one hour, weekly). These are ridiculously high fares, which may be cheaper to purchase in-country.


Fort Dauphin’s taxi-brousse station is in Tanambao, in the northwestern part of town, along the road leading to the airport.

Although taxis-brousses connect Fort Dauphin with Ihosy (and beyond) along the RN7, we recommend against travelling this route for security reasons. Between Ambovombe and Ihosy, most taxis-brousses travel in convoy, but that doesn't eliminate the risk entirely and we recommend against overnight stops along this section. The roads are also appalling and facilities almost non-existent.

Safer destinations include Ambovombe (Ar12,000, three to four hours) and the daily camion-brousse to Tuléar (Ar45,000, two to three days).