Fianarantsoa in detail

Flights & getting there


There is an airport in Fianar, but no regularly scheduled flights.

Taxi-Brousse & Minibus

The taxis-brousse station is in the centre of town and just a short walk from the train station. Frequent taxis-brousses connect Fianarantsoa with Ambositra (Ar15,000, five hours), Antsirabe (Ar18,000, seven hours) and Antananarivo (Ar26,000, 10 hours).

Minibuses also go daily to Ambalavao (Ar5000, two hours), Ranohira (Ar35,000, seven hours) and on to Tuléar (Ar52,000, 12 hours). Departures from Fianarantsoa to Tuléar are around 8am and 6pm. Heading east there are multiple vehicles daily between Fianarantsoa and Ranomafana (Ar6000, two hours) and Manakara (Ar15,000-18,000, eight hours).


Fianarantsoa is connected to Manakara on the eastern coast by the famous FCE railway. Departures from Fianarantsoa are scheduled for Tuesday and Saturday at 7am, and from Manakara on Sunday and Wednesday at 7am. There are frequent delays and cancellations, making it wise to visit the station the day before to confirm.

The trip can take anywhere from 12 to 24 hours – sometimes more – so you should pack enough food to keep you going (as well as warm clothes for the night). Tickets cost Ar70,000 in 1st class. Foreigners are not allowed to travel in 2nd-class.