Fianarantsoa attractions

Top Choice Area in Fianarantsoa


The oldest and most attractive part of town is the pedestrian Haute-Ville (known as Tanana Ambony in Malagasy). It's famed for its architecture – two-storey brick houses with steep roofs, balconies and tumbling plan…
Monastery in Fianarantsoa


The monks at this monastery continue to do what they have for centuries: make wine (red and white, and flavoured aperitifs) and honey (which you can buy in the shop). The modern church, with its striking stained gla…
Market in Fianarantsoa


Fianar is a market town, with at least one small market open every day. The largest is the Zoma, where you’ll find everything under the sun. It’s held every day along Ave de l'Indépendance and Rue de Verdun, althoug…
Church in Fianarantsoa

Ambozontany Cathedral

This imposing cathedral is one of a number of churches in the historic Haute-Ville.