Diego Suarez (Antsiranana) in detail

Flights & getting there


Diego Suarez Airport is served by Tsaradia (book at Air Madagascar) which has one or two flights per day to Antananarivo (Ar451,000, two hours), two flights per week to Sambava (Ar329,000, 45 minutes) and three flights per week to Nosy Be (Ar298,300, 35 minutes). Madagasikara Airways flies on Fridays to Antananarivo (Ar660,820).


Taxis-Brousses from Diego Suarez

DestinationPrice (Ar)Duration (hr)Departure times
Ambilobe15,0005All day
Antananarivo74,00028Morning & afternoon
Joffreville5000All day
Majunga63,00022Morning & afternoon
Ramena40001All day
Sambava, dry/wet season120,000/200,00024/36Afternoon

Costs and journey time from Diego Suarez to Sambava will change from 2021 once the new road is open from Ambilobe to Vohémar.