Top ChoiceWildlife Reserve in Ambalavao

Réserve d'Anja

This 370,000-sq-metre reserve encompasses three mountain-size granite boulders (the three sisters) ringed at the base by a forest full of ring-tailed lemurs. Anja's lemurs are famous for sunning themselves on the...

Top ChoiceFrench in Ambalavao

Résidence du Betsileo

The owner of this gently old-fashioned, small-town bistro is a maestro in the kitchen as he sizzles, boils and fries delicious and authentic French countryside meals with just a pop of Madagascar about them....

Wildlife Reserve in Ambalavao

Parc Communautaire de Sakaviro Miray

For the moment, the Parc Communautaire de Sakaviro Miray, a community conservation project preserving a small patch of forest that is home to three groups of semihabituated ring-tailed lemurs, is little known to...

Workshop in Ambalavao


Madagascar is home to an endemic species of silkworm, which feeds on tapia trees in the wild and whose cocoons are threaded and woven like 'conventional' silk. The labour intensive production process of this...

Workshop in Ambalavao

Fabrique de Papier Antaimoro

This workshop, at the back of the Aux Bougainvillées hotel compound, showcases the production of a unique kind of paper, made from the bark of a Malagasy bush, which has flowers pressed into it. Antaimoro cards,...

Market in Ambalavao

Zebu Market

Ambalavao hosts the largest zebu market in the country. Tough, wizened herders walk from as far away as Tuléar and Fort-Dauphin to sell their cattle. It is quite a spectacle, especially as the animals make their...

Bakery in Ambalavao


This bakery-cum-restaurant has made a name for itself for the quality of its cakes and bread. The food is good too: expect plenty of chicken/zebu in sauces, omelettes and noodles.