Baie d’Antongil & Masoala Peninsula attractions

Park in Mananara

Parc National de Mananara-Nord

The remote 240-sq-km Parc National de Mananara-Nord encompasses some of the last remaining lowland rainforest in the country. An additional 10 sq km of islets and surrounding reefs are protected as a marine park, th…
Nature Reserve in Parc National de Masoala

Réserve de Nosy Mangabe

The island of Nosy Mangabe is a must-visit for anyone with a smidgen of romance in their blood. This is a thickly forested and mountainous tropical island, with huge soaring canarium trees arising from flying buttre…
National Park in Parc National de Masoala

Parc National de Masoala

The magical Masoala (mash-wala) Peninsula is the site of a 2100-sq-km national park containing one of the best primary rainforests in the country. It also encompasses three protected marine areas: Tampolo Marine Par…
Nature Reserve in Manompana

Ambodiriana Forest

Rare species flourish in this protected humid forest: the mouse lemur, the candy cane palm (dypsis paludosa) and a parasitic orchid (gastrodia madagascariensis). The forest is managed by the association ADEFA.