Worth a Trip: A Trip to the Lakes

There are two attractive lakes outside of Antsirabe that are popular day trips from the city. Lac Andraikiba, the closest and largest of the two, is 7km west off the road to Betafo. Frequented by Malagasy tourists, it has craft booths with some annoying hawkers, but it’s also easy to get away for a nice quiet walk or picnic.

The turquoise Lac Tritriva, a further 12km away, also has a hawker problem, and there is a Ar5000 entry fee, but this crater lake is even prettier, and the path around it makes for an easy circumnavigation.

You'll find the lovely Case à Tritriva nearby, ideal if you fancy a hot meal rather than a sandwich. Run by a Franco-Malagasy couple, they serve simple, wholesome cuisine in the courtyard of their home, complete with panoramic views. There is also basic accommodation if you fancy a night away from the bustle of town (half board per person Ar25,000).

A great way to get to the lakes is to cycle – Rando Raid Madagascar rents mountain bikes and provides an excellent map guaranteed to get you there and back; they also organise guided mountain biking and canoeing trips to the lakes. Green Park also rents bikes (Ar25,000 per day).