Antsirabe attractions

Brewery in Antsirabe

Brasserie Star

Wondering where all that Three Horses Beer comes from? Look no further. Madagascar’s dominant and unmissable brand is made in this, the country’s biggest brewery. Starting at the THB billboard on the corner of Ave F…
Market in Antsirabe

Sabotsy Market

A Madagascan version of a Moroccan souk, this sprawling open-air market, with distinct areas of jewellery, clothing, food, and more, will keep you occupied for hours either shopping or simply absorbing the spectacle…
Workshop in Antsirabe

Chez Marcel

The technique used to make traditional sweets here hasn't changed in decades: a syrup is prepared, then rapidly cooled down and kneaded on a granite slab. Ingredients such as vanilla, orange peel, ground coffee or c…
Workshop in Antsirabe

Atelier Corne de Zébu

Zebu horn is a versatile – and beautiful – material, which artisans at this workshop turn into numerous objects, from jewellery to salad spoons, sculpted animals and accessories. You'll see the whole production proc…
Workshop in Antsirabe

Chez Mamy Miniatures

This family workshop specialises in the creation of miniature objects (cars, rickshaws, bicycles etc) made from recycled materials – anything from aluminium cans to (unused) intravenous tubes, textiles and old cable…
Historic Building in Antsirabe

Hôtel des Thermes

Once the Grand Dame of Antsirabe, the Old Lady just ain’t what she used to be. Everything is falling apart, something even the creepy lighting can’t hide, making the accommodation prices laughable. It’s too bad: onc…
Church in Antsirabe


Imposing church in the centre of Antsirabe.