• Insecurity has increased in Tana since the political events of 2009. It is not safe to walk after dark; you should always travel by taxi at night.
  • Pickpocketing is rife around Ave de l’Indépendance and Analakely, so be very careful with your belongings.
  • Touts posing as official guides prey on travellers who haven’t arranged to be met at the airport; stick to the official taxi rank or book one through your hotel.

Practical Tip: Security Escorts

Since 2013, hotels, bars, restaurants and shops in the upmarket neighbourhoods of Isoraka and Antsahavola have hired private security firm COPS to improve safety in the area, and to keep clients coming. This is a boon for travellers staying in the area who want to get out of their hotel at night: COPS agents will simply escort you from your hotel to the bar/restaurant where you'd like to go (and escort you back at the end of the night).