Ankify in detail

Flights & getting there


Small speedboats shuttle between Ankify and Hell-Ville on Nosy Be (Ar15,000, 40 minutes, 5.30am to 4pm). They work like taxis-brousses and leave when full. Wind picks up in the afternoon, so the crossing is smoother, and therefore more popular, in the morning – you'll never have to wait long for your boat to depart. Life jackets are provided.

If you're travelling with a vehicle, ferries sail between Ankify and Hell-Ville on Nosy Be (from Ar160,000 each way, two hours, from 9am).

When heading to the port by private vehicle or by taxi from local accommodation, allow your driver to accompany you to offset the touts at the port.

Taxis-Brousses from Ankify

DestinationPrice (Ar)Duration (Hr)Departure times
Ambanja40001All day
Diego Suarez30,00010Morning

4WD from Ankify to Diego Suarez

The popular northern circuit from Diego Suarez (Antsiranana) to Nosy Be offered by travel agents means that some 4WD drop their clients in Ankify for the final leg of their trip and head back to Diego Suarez empty. As a result, Evasion Sans Frontière accepts passengers on the way back for Ar50,000 per person (Ar20,000 more than the taxi-brousse and so much more comfortable). Ring ahead to find out when a vehicle might be available.

Drivers from other hire companies hang about the port after they've dropped their clients, so look out for an empty 4WD at the port and negotiate with the driver. The journey to Diego Suarez by private vehicle is 6½ hours.