Andasibe in detail

Flights & getting there

From Tana, the best way to reach Andasibe is to take a taxi-brousse to Moramanga first, then another to Andasibe (Ar2500, one hour). Ask the driver to drop you at your hotel. Otherwise, you can take any taxi-brousse along the RN2 for 26km to the Andasibe junction at Antsapanana, then walk or hitch the 3km to the village itself.

If you’re leaving Andasibe, you either have to return to Moramanga first, or wait for a taxi-brousse on the RN2. This can be difficult going east as brousses from Tana tend to be full. If you hire a car or taxi from Tana, keep in mind that you’ll have to leave by 6am in order to hear the indris.

At the time of research the Moramanga–Tamatave passenger train was out of action.