Ambatoloaka restaurants

Top Choice Madagascan in Ambatoloaka

Chez Maman

For a true Madagascan eating experience, try Chez Maman, located on Ambatoloaka’s main street. Mama buys her ingredients at Hell-Ville’s market every morning and everything she cooks is fresh, tasty and incredibly c…
Italian in Ambatoloaka

Chez Teresa

Run by the ebullient Teresa, this Italian restaurant is an eye-catching place, with its candy-colour decor and fairy lights. The menu features plenty of pizza and pastas that make good use of the plentiful supply of…
Asian in Ambatoloaka

Baobab Kafé Restaurant

This popular place puts an Asian twist on the usual fare, offering plenty of seafood (try the tempura prawns), noodles and rice dishes. It's upstairs on a breezy veranda, while there are take-outs on offer downstair…