Top Choice Performing Arts in Ohrid

Ohrid Summer Festival

This is Ohrid's most celebrated festival and one of the biggest cultural events in Macedonia. It hits town in late July, and features classical and opera concerts, theatre and dance staged at venues all over the cit…
Cultural in Mavrovo National Park

Galičnik Wedding Festival

The small Mavrovo village of Galičnik is a placid rural outpost except for 12 and 13 July, when this traditional wedding festival sees one or two lucky couples wed here. Visit, along with 3000 happy Macedonians, and…
Beer in Skopje


Held at the end of August/beginning of September inside the Tvrdina Kale Fortress, this 'gourmet beer' weekend features rock acts and DJs, grilled meats and, of course, beer.
Cultural in Bitola

Ilinden Days

The Ilinden Days festival, held annually on 2 August, honours the Ilinden Uprising of 1903 against the Ottomans. It is a celebration of Macedonian folk culture and involves costumed dancing, food and music.
Film in Bitola

Manaki Brothers Film Festival

In mid-September the Manaki Brothers Film Festival screens independent foreign films. It honours Milton and Yanaki Manaki, the Balkans' first film-makers, who began using the medium in 1905.
Music in Skopje

Skopje Jazz Festival

This October festival features artists from across the globe, and always a world-renowned player or group (Chick Corea, McCoy Tyner, Herbie Hancock and Tito Puente are some past headliners).
Carnival in Lake Ohrid

Vevčani Carnival

This traditional pagan carnival is thought to have existed for 1400 years, and is still celebrated in Vevčani with elaborate costumes, music and general revelry.
Wine in Tikveš Wine Region

Kavadarci Wine Carnival

Costumed parade, public wine tasting and merrymaking in early September each year.
Performing Arts in Skopje

Skopsko Leto

Five weeks of summer art exhibitions, performances and concerts in June and July. The event organisers don't promote in English, so ask around town to find out what's going on.
Music in Skopje


This world music festival brings together a global range of musicians, groups and other performers in various venues in Skopje in late May and early June each year.