Discount Cards

The worthwhile Luxembourg Card (; 1-/2-/3-day adult €13/20/28, family €28/48/68) gives free admission to over 50 of the country’s top attractions, discounts on some others, plus unlimited use of public transport. You’ll save money if visiting more than two museums or castles a day. Purchase online, from tourist offices, train stations or major hotels. The website details what’s included.

Emergency & Important Numbers

Country code352
International access code00

Entry & Exit Formalities


EU citizens can stay indefinitely; many other nationals can enter visa free for up to 90 days.


Credit cards are widely accepted. ATMs are very prevalent.


Postal rates for standard-sized letters under 50g: €0.60/0.85/1.10 to domestic/EU/non-EU


Luxembourg has yet to ban smoking in cafes and pubs which comes as something of a shock coming from elsewhere in Western Europe. To refresh the lungs you'll find that many sights have plenty of steps, but that can prove hard on the infirm or disabled.