With just one proper airport in the country, Luxembourg has no domestic flights.


Luxembourg is well set up for cycling. There's a shared bicycle-hire scheme in Luxembourg City, and bike-hire outlets in the Moselle Valley and Müllerthal region that allow you to pick up a bicycle in one location and return it to another.


In summer, river boats run by Princess Marie-Astrid travel along the Moselle.


Luxembourg is served by a comprehensive bus network; information including timetables is available at Mobilitéit (

As with trains, fares are €2 per journey and €4 for a day ticket countrywide.

Car & Motorcycle

  • Traffic drives on the right and overtakes on the left.
  • Speed limits in Luxembourg are 130km per hour on motorways (110km per hour when it's raining), 90km per hour on open country roads, 50km per hour in built-up areas and 30km per hour in town centres.
  • The maximum blood alcohol level is 0.5mg/ml.


  • Luxembourg’s joint railway-bus network is coordinated by CFL (
  • There are just two main ticket types, both allowing unlimited travel on any public transport within the country (except for journeys originating in a different country).
  • From the time you date-stamp it, a €2 kuurzzäitbilljee (billet courte durée) ticket is valid for two hours, while a €4 dagesbilljee (billet longue durée) is valid all day and until 4am the next morning.
  • Purchase your ticket at an office or train station or pay a €1 supplement once aboard.
  • Upgrading to 1st class costs just €1 per journey extra if bought on the train (€2 if bought in advance), though both are comfortable and there's little difference between them.
  • Bicycles travel for free if space permits.