Top Choice Monastery in Echternach

Abbaye d'Echternach

Reconstructed 18th-century abbey buildings spread back from the basilica towards the tree-lined banks of the Sûre. Tucked away just north of the main church, the atmospheric museum occupies the vaulted basement that…
Top Choice Castle in Vianden

Château de Vianden

This château's extraordinary outline is the result of an almost-total 20th-century restoration after the original, built from the 11th to 14th centuries, had fallen into complete ruin. Walkways in the bowels of the …
Top Choice Castle in Beaufort

Château Beaufort

Across a pretty, part-wooded valley behind the village of Beaufort is a ruinous but very imposing five-storey medieval castle. Once the site of a Roman camp, the sandstone fortress expanded from 12th-century origins…
Top Choice Fortress in Luxembourg City

Bock Casemates

Beneath the Montée de Clausen, the clifftop site of Count Sigefroi’s once-mighty fort, the Bock Casemates are a picturesque, atmospheric honeycomb of rock galleries and passages – yes, kids will love it – initially …
Top Choice Cemetery in Luxembourg City

US Military Cemetery

In a beautifully-maintained graveyard near Hamm lie over 5000 US WWII war dead, including George Patton, the audacious general of the US Third Army who played a large part in Luxembourg's 1944 liberation. It's a hum…
Top Choice Gallery in Clervaux

Family of Man Exhibition

The Clervaux castle's primary attraction is Edward Steichen's world-famous photography exhibition, Family of Man. Gifted to Clervaux in 1964, the collection comprises 273 black-and-white, mid-20th-century photos fro…
Top Choice Area in Luxembourg City

Chemin de la Corniche

This pedestrian promenade has been hailed as 'Europe's most beautiful balcony'. It winds along the course of the 17th-century city ramparts with views across the river canyon towards the hefty fortifications of the …
Top Choice Gallery in Luxembourg City


Groundbreaking exhibitions of modern, installation and experiential art are hosted in this airy architectural icon designed by IM Pei. The collection includes everything from photography to fashion, design and multi…
Top Choice Museum in Luxembourg City

Musée d'Histoire de la Ville de Luxembourg

This remarkably engrossing and interactive museum hides within a series of 17th-century houses, including a former ‘holiday home’ of the Bishop of Orval. A lovely garden and open terrace offers great views.
Castle in Bourscheid

Château de Bourscheid

Viewed from the N27 or CR438, 8km north of Ettelbrück, this splendid castle ruin is surely the nation’s most dramatic. As you get closer, the degree of degradation is much clearer but it’s still very interesting to …