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Join us for a walking tour in the Eastend of London and discovery a true London. See, Brick Lane is not only home to one of the biggest area's for Graffiti and Street Art. But, Brick Lane also holds story of hope and inspiration. Brick Lane was not created by our system. It was a take over, from Londoners. These Londoners took over the back streets of this part of the city in order to get a bit of peace. Its off the beaten path location offered artists a stress free surroundings to work; without being seen by the police, please remember street art is still illegal. And, anyone Londoner will tell you that with this colour that they added to this abandoned area, the artist brought life here. Once a really run down place, its now a thriving "must visit" location. With pop up shops, parties, and of course, great works of art.  Join us as we turn back the clocks to the 1980s, and then fast future to now.
As street art space is now becoming limited; due to Shoreditch  becoming a pilgrimage to artists from all over the world, the art displayed here are ever changing and depending on the location of the art, the displays themselves can last from two days, to the more famous ones like Banksy; that are protected in order to never be replaced.  This 2 hour walking tour, you the chance to see the very best of the street art displays that week because we understand the rules to this live gallery.During the first half of the tour, our guide; who is rich in knowledge of this area, will explain the rules of the live gallery to you, and this will help you to look out for the hidden pieces of art, and understand the mindset into what makes this area so inspiriting. During the first half of the tour you will you will get the chance to see Banksy and some of the other more famous pieces from other well known artists. We stop for photos and keep the information flowing on the whos who of this world. We will move on to visit Bricklane itself which covering loads of the newer works of art. After we see another side of Brick lane as we check out more of the back streets; in the hunt for the harder, more technical pieces that have been created. During the second half of the tour we will take you further off the beaten path that you thought possible. If we are lucky (which we normally are), we might find a artist at work, who we know and will be happy to answer some of your questions. And you will also get the chance to visit secret Location; that is the cherry on the cake to our tour. This location offers you the chance to feel like you have fallen into a world of Alice and the Wonderland. You will get the chance to see how chilled Londoners can be in a Eco friendly environment.  With amazing artwork being created onsite, you will get 15 minutes to look around, and if you would like something to heat up, you also have the option to purchase a cup of tea here if its a cold day. During the final part of the tour you will get the chance to see some off the beaten path bridges that really scream "London 1980s". With more hidden piece of art and more photo opportunities. Before we find ourselves back on Brick Lane, where we will end our tour of this area. Before we say good bye, our guide will tell you where another great location is in London for Street Art, and with our information you learned on the tour, you should be able to locate more works of art as you explore our city further.

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