'Blood & Tears Walk' - chilling and informative two hour London Horror tour

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'Blood and Tears Walk' is a 2 hour Horror walking tour in London, UK, meeting outside Barbican station AT 7PM and finishing at Holborn underground station AT 9PM.  The first hour is informative, thought-provoking material about execution sites, grave-robbers, etc. However, the Tour is a 12+ certificate, and the second hour contains chilling and disturbing stories connected mainly to London serial killers. Jack the Ripper has a section - but other London serial killers are present too.   The 'Tour plus Book' option means you receive a signed copy of Declan McHugh's best-selling 'Bloody London' book featuring grim deeds that have occurred in London's history. 80% of the book material does not feature on the Tour! Essentially Book and Tour are two different products.  The Book has sold 6,500 copies, and has excellent Amazon reviews. The Book, like the Tour, has a 12+ certificate.
We meet AT 7PM outside Barbican underground station's only exit on Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays ONLY. Barbican is on the Circle, Metropolitan and Hammersmith & City lines. It's really important that you aim to come at 6.45PM. HUNDREDS have missed this tour by aiming to come just on time, then getting caught in London's constant underground train delays and arriving 5 minutes after 7pm to find Declan had to go with the people who were on time. .   • Straightaway, setting the tone for the tour, Declan takes you to the killing fields of Smithfield to learn its bloody history of both animal and human excution. Vegetarians and fans of Queen Mary hate this place! • • Next the memorial to a Scottish giant savagely butchered by the English. • • Grave-robbing.. • • Starting to get into some imagination exercises now, and questions for the audience - this tour is interactive. • • The last man to hang and the luck of the Irish (Not!). • • The Old Bailey Central Criminal Court (site of Newgate Prison), and two modern serial killers.   • • 'Jack the Lad' and the world's greatest escape from a prison..  • • A vote on the scariest fim you have seen, and the top ten votes in the last 19 years. The cult film in the top ten which is least famous. My recommendation of a very little-known horror film classic, and the very famous person who agrees with me.  • • Onto the second, increasingly darker, half. • • Teaching the 'Circle of Consciousness' technique. The first little psychic exercise and some mind games. • • What Mr. Creepy had in his window display. Two utterly terrifying statistics about serial killers. The one thing you must never do in your life.  • • The story of a practically unknown ice-cold, transatlatlantic serial killer. The incredibly cinematic story of his life, murders and death.  A final question - can you get it right, like the three 12 year old boys over the years? Budding film makers pay attention - there is NO film about this guy. • • Jack the Ripper. Jack The Ripper. JACK THE RIPPER!!! • • One of the sketchiest, creepiest places you will ever encounter - we perform a psychic experiment there. The mayhem that took place here. Meat is murder. • • A uiquely bizarre, twisted website and the man behind it. His three-part theory. What you failed to notice on the tour but he did. • • Momentary respite from horror with a piece of rock music history. • • Three very special people and where they are housed. • • A real-life magician who vanquished witchcraft at this site. • • The serial killers for one final time.  Killing for company. .

What’s included

  • Local guide
  • Professional guide
  • Pickup and drop-off from designated meeting points
  • Live entertainment

What’s not included

  • Gratuities