Most activities centre around Lake Plateliai (Platelių ežeras), renowned for its seven islets and seven ancient shore terraces. It’s the park’s most stunning natural feature, and the site of midsummer celebrations on 23 and 24 June, when bonfires are lit and traditional songs sung. Legend says the lake was swept into the sky by a storm before being dropped where it lies now after the magic words ‘Ale plate lej’ (the rain goes wide) were uttered.

If it gets warm enough, swim in the lake. Otherwise, boats for excursions on the lake can be hired from the Yacht Club.

Many traditional Samogitian festivals are celebrated in the small town of Plateliai on the lake’s western shore, including the amazingly colourful Shrove Tuesday Carnival (Mardi Gras; the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday in the Christian calendar).

The national park visitor centre can assist in bike rentals and hands out cycling maps. One of the easiest and most enjoyable rides is to remote Plokštinė (8km), the site of the former missile base and now home to the Cold War Museum.