Vilnius drinking and nightlife

Coffee in Vilnius


A front-runner of Vilnius' latest wave of smart coffee shops, Elska distinguishes itself with a pocket-sized library and adjoining gallery of modern art. This bookish cafe attracts a mix of grab-and-go commuters and…
Pub in Vilnius

Alinė Leičiai

With draught mead, numerous local brews and a flower-filled beer garden, Leičiai is a cheerful place to clink glasses with locals. Mop up the damage with hearty Lithuanian fare: soup served in bread bowls, trout wit…
Bar in Vilnius


This tiny, charismatic bar does a great line in craft ales from Lithuania and further afield. If you need sustenance to keep the drink and chat flowing, crunchy beer snacks, soups and garlic bread are close at hand.
Cafe in Vilnius


With caramel-striped awnings, flowers throughout, a stunning array of cakes and pastries and good coffee, this smart new bakery-cafe is a lovely place to refuel. There's even a snug kids' area, complete with wendy h…
Beer Garden in Vilnius

Vasaros Terasa

Open only in the warmer months – as the name, 'Summer Terrace', suggests – this big, boisterous courtyard is one Vilnius' best places to catch a band or dally over a beer. Presided over by two ceramic cows, and offe…
Cafe in Vilnius

Užupio kavinė

The plum spot on the Vilnia, next to the main bridge into Užupis, is the best thing about this cafe-bar. In summer, grab a table on the decking overlooking the waving waterweeds (they tend to book up fast) and watch…
Wine Bar in Vilnius

In Vino/Portobello

This hugely popular Old Town venue has split: the glamorous wine bar In Vino remains, but has yielded half its space to the English style 'pub' Portobello. One one side of the courtyard you'll find candlelit tables …
Cafe in Vilnius

Skonis ir Kvapas

Dedicated to the sensual delights of tea and coffee, 'Taste and Smell' is a stylish courtyard cafe with a talent for the brew. Hot spiced cups for winter, iced tea on the terrace, single-origin coffees, spices, toba…
Bar in Vilnius


The eponymous Barfly is the spiritual patron of this charismatic boho bar in a less-trodden pocket of the Old Town. It has a back terrace for finer weather, great beers on tap, a full program of poetry, music and ot…
Bar in Vilnius

King & Mouse

While a collection of more than 300 whiskies (and whiskeys) from around the world is its forte, this bar also does great cocktails and food. Knowledgeable staff and a welcoming atmosphere make this one of the Old To…