Top Choice Castle in Trakai

Trakai Castle

The centrepiece of Trakai is its picture-postcard Island Castle atop an island on Lake Galvė. The painstakingly restored red-brick Gothic castle probably dates from around 1400, when Gran Duke Vytautas needed strong…
Museum in Trakai

Karaite Ethnographic Museum

The Karaite Ethnographic Museum traces the ancestry of the Karaites, a Judaic sect and Turkic minority originating in Baghdad, which adheres to the Law of Moses. Their descendants – some 380 families – were brought …
Ruins in Trakai

Peninsula Castle

The peaceful ruins of Trakai’s Peninsula Castle, built from 1362 to 1382 by Kęstutis and destroyed in the 17th century, are a little south of the Island Castle. The peninsula itself is dotted with old wooden cottage…
Church in Trakai

Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Mary

Founded around the same time as Trakai Castle, and also by Grand Duke Vytautas, this grand, 15th-century parish church has a large collection of ecclesiastical art, including the Trakai Mother of God, a revered imag…
Religious Site in Trakai


This well-maintained wooden prayer house, with its interior dome, is a rare surviving example of Karaite architecture. Arrange a visit at the Karaite Ethnographic Museum.
Museum in Trakai

Sacred Art Exhibition

This small exhibition space, housed in a former Dominican chapel, displays a range of religious and sacral objects, including altarpieces, crosses, monstrances and chalices.
National Park in Trakai

Trakai Historical National Park

The smallest national park in the country merges beautiful lakes and forests with a wealth of historical sights.
Church in Trakai

Orthodox Church of the Nativity

A 19th-century Orthodox church partly funded by Tsarina Maria Aleksandrovna.
Historic Site in Trakai

Ancient Castle Hill

Little is apparent of this ancient defensive mound.