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Top Choice Monument in Šiauliai

Hill of Crosses

One of Lithuania's most awe-inspiring sights is the legendary Hill of Crosses. The sound of the thousands of crosses – which appear to grow on the hillock – tinkling in the breeze is wonderfully eerie. Planted here …
Museum in Šiauliai

Frenkelis Villa

To the east of the town centre stands Frenkelis Villa, built in art-nouveau style in 1908 for the then leather baron of Šiauliai. It survived WWII unscathed and was used as a military hospital by the Soviets from 19…
Museum in Šiauliai

Museum of Cats

Cat-lovers will certainly want to venture out to this museum southeast of the centre to see an unusual collection of feline memorabilia, including endless displays of porcelain cats and photogenic felines on the wal…
Museum in Šiauliai

Bicycle Museum

This fun museum has several rooms of glorious bone-rattlers and torturous bicycles with wooden tyres, as well as exhibits dedicated to pioneering Lithuanian cyclists and their incredible exploits, including one trip…
Museum in Šiauliai

Radio & Television Museum

Šiauliai was home to some of Lithuania’s first amateur radio operators in the 1920s, so it’s a fitting locale for this eclectic collection of radios, TVs and phonographs. Particularly enjoyable are the big old radio…
Lithuanian in Šiauliai


Arkos is the nicest of several restaurants on the main pedestrian drag. A warm and welcoming red-brick cellar lures an office crowd for lunch (and everyone else at dinner) with good-value daily specials and a broad …
International in Šiauliai

Kapitonas Morganas

Captain Morgan’s jolly pirate ship is more than just a great place for carousing on the street-side terrace. Its international menu, featuring dishes such as prawns in cream and garlic and pork with grilled vegetabl…
Pub Food in Šiauliai

Cask 215

A rare nod to contemporary dining fashion in Šiauliai, Cask 215 is a pub that serves mainly American dude food: burgers, ribs, pulled pork and the like.
Museum in Šiauliai

Photography Museum

The permanent collection features Lithuanian photography from the mid-20th century, and there's an interesting program of special exhibitions.
Cafe in Šiauliai


This charismatic little place is a cafe, grocery and deli in one, with good coffee, beer, simple plates and pillows to recline on.