Top Choice Lithuanian in Vilnius


Track down the big wooden bear to find this Vilnius institution, making merry in the vaulted 16th-century cellars of a former merchant's house since 1972. As a 'hunters' restaurant', it does a strong line in game, i…
Top Choice Indian in Kaunas


This tiny place with whitewashed brick walls and fresh flowers everywhere lures you in with exotic smells. You can expect such daily specials as lamb kofta curry or crispy duck with persimmon salad, and there are ev…
Top Choice French in Vilnius


This classic French bistro serves what may be the best French food in Vilnius. Alongside bistro staples like tournedos de boeuf and duck confit you'll find a great selection of seafood, some flown fresh from France.…
Top Choice Steak in Klaipėda

Momo Grill

This tiny, modern, minimalist steakhouse is foodie heaven and the hardest table to book in town. The small menu consists of just three cuts of beef plus grilled fish and leg of duck, and allows the chef to focus on …
Top Choice Lithuanian in Vilnius

Senamiesčio Krautuvė

Look no further than this wonderful, quiet hobbit-hole for the very best Lithuanian comestibles, many unique to the country. Cured meats, fresh sausages, cheeses, fresh fruit and vegetables, honey and preserves, bre…
Top Choice Lithuanian in Klaipėda

Stora Antis

Taking full advantage of a stunning 19th-century cellar (a restaurant was first established here in 1856), Stora Antis is charming, full of bric-a-brac, and one of the best places to eat in Klaipėda's Old Town.
Top Choice Seafood in Nida

Tik Pas Jona

This unfussy place has to be the best in Neringa to eat the Lagoon's famous smoked fish. Grab a bream straight from the smoker, sit on the terrace with a beer, rye bread, lemon and fresh tomato, watch the boats come…
Seafood in Palanga


It would be a crime to come to the Baltic coast, and not sample some of the local fish, and Žuvinė, while more expensive than most other options in Palanga, has you covered. Try the zander with spinach and beetroot …
Lithuanian in Kaunas


Avilys is an offshoot of the award-winning brewery in Vilnius. It serves unusual beers alongside Lithuanian standards and international dishes to an avid crowd, street-side or underground in the brick cellar.
European in Kaunas

Senieji Rūsiai

Named for its 17th-century subterranean vaults, lined with candlelit frescoes, 'Old Cellars' is one of the most atmospheric places in Kaunas to eat substantial pan-European dishes. Alongside frogs' legs, trout and o…