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Šeduva (she-du-va; population 3200), 15km east of Radviliškis, is a large village with a faded yellow-and-white baroque church framed by cobbled streets. Šeduvos Malūnas is a kitsch but fun restaurant, in a windmill on the western edge of Šeduva that was built in 1905 and retains the original central-core cog mechanism. Serving traditional Lithuanian cuisine over four levels, the owners also run the pleasant hotel next door, housed in a modern building (double €41).

In Kleboniškiai, signposted on the A9 between Radviliškis and Panevėžys, is a windmill (1884) and – 1km down a dusty road – the Kleboniškiai Rural Life Exhibition. This beautiful farmstead, with 19th- and early-20th-century farm buildings, offers a picture-postcard peek at rural Lithuania. It is brimful with collectors’ items, including wooden sleds, farming tools and a tractor dating from 1926. The exhibition is part of the Daugyvenė Cultural History Museum Reserve (Daugyvenės kultūros istorijos muziejus-draustinis), which encompasses burial grounds, mounds and other local sights.

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