Palanga restaurants

Russian in Palanga


Čagino is something a little different in Palanga, offering pirozhki and pelmeni (pies and dumplings), stewed venison, veal with cherries and other substantial Russian dishes. On Thursday nights diners are immersed …
Armenian in Palanga

Armėniška Virtuvė

For a diversion from Lithuanian, pizza and fun-fair-fare, this authentic Armenian restaurant is definitely worth a visit. Spiced lamb and beef soups, pigeon in sour-milk sauce, charcoal-grilled shashliks, pickled ve…
European in Palanga

Molinis ąsotis

This handsomely timbered restaurant distinguishes itself from the plentiful competition on Palanga's main strip by selling art and jewellery, and serving excellent food. Its broadly European menu also includes Lithu…
Seafood in Palanga


It would be a crime to come to the Baltic coast, and not sample some of the local fish, and Žuvinė, while more expensive than most other options in Palanga, has you covered. Try the zander with spinach and beetroot …
Fast Food in Palanga

City Chef

When the weather's good it's hard to beat a chorizo hotdog, fries and beer from this semi-permanent food van. There are plenty of benches and trestles on the terrace and, in summer, movies, live music, free dance le…
Lithuanian in Palanga

1925 Baras

This handsome timbered tavern has provided relief from the main-street madness since 1925. The Lithuanian cuisine is good and simple, and the restaurant’s back garden as charming as you'll find in Palanga.
Steak in Palanga

Lašas Steak House

Attached to a hotel of the same name, this place does what it says on the tin, and does it well. Steaks, pork, duck and venison are cooked to order, and the terrace beckons in nice weather.
Supermarket in Palanga

Mini Maxima

Self-caterers can stock up here.