Top Choice Museum in Palanga

Amber Museum

This highly popular museum showcases what is reputedly the world’s sixth-largest collection of Baltic gold – 20,000-odd examples in all. It's housed in a sweeping neoclassical palace built by Count Feliksas Tiskevic…
Gallery in Palanga

Amber Processing Gallery

This is the last of the dozen or so amber shops Palanga boasted in the late 19th century, when it was one of the largest amber-processing centres in the Baltic. Run by the Palanga Guild of Amber Masters, the gallery…
Museum in Palanga

Dr Jono Šliūpas Memorial House

Fascinating black-and-white photos of old Palanga fill this house, the former home of the town’s first mayor. Closed on Sunday between September and May.
Museum in Palanga

Exile & Resistance Museum

A modest permanent exhibition detailing resistance to foreign (particularly Soviet) occupation in Lithuania's troubled 20th century.
Museum in Palanga

Antanas Mončys House Museum

This museum displays large wooden sculptures, collages and masks by Lithuanian émigré artist Antanas Mončys (1921–93).
Park in Palanga

Botanical Park

The 1-sq-km park includes a rose garden, 18km of footpaths and Birutė Hill (Birutēs kalnas), once a pagan shrine. According to legend, it was tended by vestal virgins, one of whom, Birutė, was kidnapped and married …