Nida in detail


There’s plenty to keep you occupied on land and water, or you could avoid it all and simply chill out. Outside the high season, scour the beaches for speckles of amber washed up on the shores during the spring and autumn storms, and in the depths of winter brave the frozen lagoon and ice-fish for smelt and burbot.

North of the Harbour

Breathtaking views of Parnidis Dune can be had at the harbour; from there a pleasant waterfront lagoon promenade stretches for over 1km.

West of the Harbour

All westward routes lead to the beach. Or you can turn north off Taikos gatvė opposite the post office, folllow the street as it bends sharply left after 150m, and climb the path up the hill to the 29.3m Urbas Hill Lighthouse. Continue 700m along the path behind the lighthouse to come out on a straight path that leads back down to the main road and, 400m beyond that, to the beach.

A less adventurous option is to follow Taikos gatvė westward until it meets the main Smiltynė–Nida road, then continue in the same direction along a paved footpath (signposted) through pine forest until you hit sand.

South of the Harbour

To the south of town are two or three streets of fishing cottages with pretty flower-filled gardens.

Beyond Lotmiškio gatvė a path leads along the coastline and through a wooded area to a meadow, dubbed ‘Silence Valley’. Here walkers can pick up the Parnidis Cognitive Path, a 1.8km nature trail leading to the mighty Parnidis Dune itself.

From here, the Kaliningrad border is 3km south. If you stick to the designated wooden footpaths, you have no chance of wandering into Russia by mistake. From the dune, the Parnidis Cognitive Path continues past the lighthouse and pine forest to Taikos gatvė.