Top Choice National Park in Nemunas Delta

Nemunas Delta Regional Park

Where the Nemunas, Lithuanian's largest river, spills into the Curonian lagoon, it splits into four distributaries: the Skirvytė, the Atmata, the Pakalnė and the Gilija. The result is a wetland Delta of surpassing b…
Bird Sanctuary in Nemunas Delta

Ventės Ragas Ornithological Station

The first bird-ringing station was established here in 1929, but it was not until 1959 to 1960 that large bird traps were installed. Today, around 100,000 birds pass through the station each migratory period; zigzag…
Museum in Nemunas Delta

Polder Museum

Housed in an old water-pumping station on the Vilkinė, this museum shows the basic technology with which Nemunas farmers have tried to keep the waters at bay. In Uostadvaris village, on Rusnė.
Museum in Nemunas Delta

Ethnographic Farmstead Museum

This museum (signposted 1.8km from Rusnė) exhibits tools, furnishings and three venerable farm buildings, giving a sense of the harsh basics of traditional Delta life.