Top things to do

Top Choice Steak in Klaipėda

Momo Grill

This tiny, modern, minimalist steakhouse is foodie heaven and the hardest table to book in town. The small menu consists of just three cuts of beef plus grilled fish and leg of duck, and allows the chef to focus on …
Top Choice Lithuanian in Klaipėda

Stora Antis

Taking full advantage of a stunning 19th-century cellar (a restaurant was first established here in 1856), Stora Antis is charming, full of bric-a-brac, and one of the best places to eat in Klaipėda's Old Town.
Museum in Klaipėda

Klaipėda Castle Museum

This small museum is based inside the remains of Klaipėda's old moat-protected castle, which dates back to the 13th century. It tells the castle’s story through the ages until the 19th century, when most of the stru…
European in Klaipėda


The Meridianas – a barquentine built by Finland for the USSR as part of imposed war reparations – has been restored to the glory befitting this icon of Klaipėda, and is now a floating restaurant moored in a prominen…
International in Klaipėda

Friedricho Pasazas

Lining this snug carriageway on the southern side of the Old Town you'll find Friedricho Pasazas – not just one restaurant, but a whole complex of them. Friedricho Restoranas, the main show, is top of the pile, with…
Pub in Klaipėda

Herkus Kantas

One of Klaipėda's riverside pubs, Herkus has perhaps the best location of all, opposite the iconic barquentine Meridianis, which is permanently moored here on the Danė. There's plenty of outdoor seating for good wea…
Brewery in Klaipėda


Klaipėda is home to the country’s oldest operating brewery, where its biggest beer, Švyturys, has been brewed since 1784. Organised by the tourist office, tours of the brewery are 1½ to two hours, cost €10 per perso…
Cocktail Bar in Klaipėda

Viva Lavita

On the 20th floor of the K building of the Amberton hotel, and attached to the restaurant that shares its name, Viva Lavita offers spectacular views of Klaipėda’s waterfront, the spit’s northern point, and the Balti…
Lithuanian in Klaipėda

Keltininko Namas

The house restaurant of the Old Port Hotel has a lovely port setting overlooking the Danė. The chefs here really try to incorporate fresh local ingredients, including an ample amount of fish dishes. The linen and si…
Museum in Klaipėda

Clock Museum

This niche museum is divided into two sections: the first explores the principles of chronology from its earliest times; the second looks at the evolution of design and form in clocks over the past four centuries. T…