Getting Around

Buses and trolleybuses run from 5am to 11pm and tickets cost €0.70 from the driver. Alternatively, you can buy a Kauno Miesto Kortelė (Kaunas City Card) from a Kauno Spauda or Naversen kiosk for €1.74, top it up, and pay only €0.58 each time you press it to the on-board card reader. While the City Card is cheaper, it's only really worth it if you'll be in Kaunas for an extended stay.

Minibuses shadow routes and run later than regular buses; drivers sell tickets for €0.87, and will stop wherever you wish. For information on public transport, including routes and timetables, see the website Kaunas Public Transport (

To get to/from the airport, take minibus 120 from the local bus station on Šv Gertrūdos gatvė or bus 29 from the stop on Vytauto prospektas. Buses depart at least once an hour between 7am and 9.30pm.

Trolleybuses 1, 5 and 7 run north from the train station along Vytauto prospektas, west along Kęstučio gatvė and Nemuno gatvė, then north on Birštono gatvė. Returning, they head east along Šv Gertrūdos gatvė, Ožeškienės gatvė and Donelaičio gatvė, then south down Vytauto prospektas to the bus and train stations.

There's also skeletal night-bus routes – 13N, 14N and 37N – from Thursday to Saturday.

Several taxi companies operate in Kaunas and you’re always best advised to order one in advance by telephone. Try Einesa or Žaibiškas.

Outside Old Town, driving in Kaunas is a relatively simple affair, with plentiful parking and few one-way streets. Old Town is a warren of small cobbled alleys, however, and parking is scarce.