Public Holidays

New Year’s Day 1 January

Independence Day (Nepriklausomybės diena) 16 February; anniversary of 1918 independence declaration

Lithuanian Independence Restoration Day 11 March

Easter Sunday March/April

Easter Monday March/April

International Labour Day 1 May

Mothers’ Day First Sunday in May

Fathers' Day First Sunday in June

Feast of St John (Midsummer) 24 June

Statehood Day 6 July; commemoration of coronation of Grand Duke Mindaugas in the 13th century

Assumption of Blessed Virgin 15 August

All Saints’ Day 1 November

Christmas (Kalėdos) 25 and 26 December

Lithuania also celebrates such days as the Day of the Lithuanian Flag (1 January), St Casimir’s Day (4 March), Earth Day (20 March), Partisans’ Day (fourth Sunday in May), Black Ribbon Day (23 August) and the Genocide Day of Lithuanian Jews (23 September). People still work on these days, but the national flag flutters outside most public buildings and private homes.