ATMs are widespread. Cash preferred to credit cards for small purchases.

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Lithuania joined the Eurozone in January 2015, trading in its litas for the euro.

ATMs are ubiquitous in cities and towns, and even the smallest hamlet is likely to have at least one. The majority accept Visa and MasterCard. Change money at banks, though the easiest way to carry money is in the form of a debit card, and withdraw cash as needed from an ATM.

Visa and MasterCard are widely accepted for goods and services. The only place you may experience a problem is at a very small establishment or for a very small transaction. American Express cards are typically accepted at larger hotels and restaurants, though they are not as widely recognised as other cards.

Exchange Rates

New ZealandNZ$1€0.56

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  • In restaurants, tip 10% of the bill to reward good service. Leave the tip in the pouch that the bill is delivered in or hand the money directly to the waiter.
  • Tip hairdressers and other personal services around 10% of the total.
  • Taxis drivers won’t expect a tip, but it’s fine to add €2 to €4 to reward special service.
  • Tipping in hotels is essentially restricted to the top-end establishments, which usually have decent room service and porters, who all expect to be tipped.