Food & Drink in Palanga

Palanga Seals

The ‘seals’ in question are actually smelts, the tiny fish delicacy that arrive on Palanga’s shores for a short period in February. During this three-day festival in mid-February the smelts are prepared around town …
Music in Kaunas

Kaunas Jazz Festival

Inaugurated just after the departure of the Soviets, this lively festival brings world-class jazz musicians to Kaunas every April, before heading down the road to Vilnius.
Music in Nida

Nida Jazz Marathon

Held over three days in late July/early August, this festival culminates in a jam session each night.
Music in Vilnius

Mama Jazz

Mid-November festival with big-name guests.
Cultural in Vilnius

Culture Night

Vilnius comes (even more) alive for this wonderful, one-night-only festival in June or July. The city's nooks and squares become a network of stages on which singers, dancers, musicians, actors, performance artists …
Music in Kaunas

Pažaislis Music Festival

Sprawling across the summer, from May to August, this eclectic festival makes use of the splendid grounds of a 17th-century monastery on the shore of the Kaunas Sea. Expect symphonic and chamber performances, choral…
Cultural in Klaipėda

Sea Festival

Klaipėda celebrates its rich nautical heritage in late July with the flamboyant Sea Festival. The four-day event brings music, workshops, fairs and (naturally) watercraft to town.
Cultural in Palanga

Palanga Summer Festival

The highlight of the summer season, the festival takes place on a different week each summer, closing with a massive street carnival, song festival and pop concert on the last day.
Music in Nida

International Folk Festival

Showcasing Lithuanian and European folk music, and held on a weekend in late June, this folk fiesta swamps Nida with visitors. Book accommodation ahead.
Film in Vilnius


Every November this festival, with its special focus on the film of Northern Europe, comes to Vilnius, then heads on the road to Kaunas and Klaipeda.