Lithuania in detail

Health & insurance

Before You Go

Health Insurance

EU citizens should acquire a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) before travelling, entitling them to free or cut-price state healthcare in Lithuania. Citizens of non-EU countries may be required to present proof of travel insurance after landing in Vilnius airport. If you can't produce proof of insurance, you will be asked to purchase a policy on the spot. If arriving in Lithuania from another EU country, you won't be asked to show your travel insurance policy – but it's strongly recommended that you secure one anyway.

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In Lithuania

Availability & Cost of Healthcare

Considering its population, Lithuania has a relatively high proportion of doctors and the standard of healthcare is good, especially in major cities like Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda. Hospitals in smaller towns are likely to be less modern, but there is usually a degree of English spoken.

EU citizens in possession of an European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) will be able to access Lithuania's state-funded healthcare for little to no cost, including GP and emergency services. Otherwise, if you're travelling with insurance – and it's highly recommended that you do – your insurer should recoup the costs of private hospitals and healthcare practitioners. Private healthcare tends to be a well-oiled machine, in particular because of Lithuania's popularity as a medical tourism destination: English will be spoken and standards will be high. Inform your insurer as soon as possible and keep all receipts and prescriptions issued.

Tap Water

In most parts of the country, tap water originates from underground sources that are repeatedly tested for their quality, so it's very safe to drink. Major cities like Vilnius and Kaunas have perfectly potable water. However, water may have an unpleasant chlorinated taste closer to the coast. If you know you have a sensitive stomach, bring a portable water purifier.