Top Choice Seafood in Nida

Tik Pas Jona

This unfussy place has to be the best in Neringa to eat the Lagoon's famous smoked fish. Grab a bream straight from the smoker, sit on the terrace with a beer, rye bread, lemon and fresh tomato, watch the boats come…
Lithuanian in Nida


This weather-darkened timber A-frame by the lagoon is an ideal setting for a restaurant. Lithuanian dishes such as halibut with potatoes share menu-space with delights from further afield, such as Georgian chicken t…
Lithuanian in Nida


A dependable allrounder, Kuršis pumps out omelettes and scrambled eggs at breakfast time, salads and seafood and lunch, and cepelinai, pork, pasta and other heavier fare in the evening. It runs shortened hours outsi…
Lithuanian in Nida


Vaguely Polynesian in look, with its thatched pavilion and carved wood, Ešerinė offers a vast waterfront terrace (with views of the Parnidis Dune) and excellent fish and Lithuanian food. It's one of the most popular…
European in Nida

Nidos Seklyčia

Open all year, this beautifully situated restaurant, almost in the lee of the Parnidis dune, is one of Nida's best. Prices can seem a little steep by Lithuanian standards, but the food, especially the fish, is reall…
European in Nida


Laumė is an unpretentious little place with great views of the lagoon from its flower-girt terrace. Alongside basic Lithuanian staples you'll find pizzas, pastas, salads and the like. Closed outside the summer seaso…
Lithuanian in Nida

Užeiga Sena Sodyba

The selection of fish dishes at this delightful wooden cottage restaurant is impressive – and inviting – but it’s the pancakes that win the day here. If you’re here during berry season you’ll be in gastronomic heave…
Lithuanian in Juodkrantė

Pamario Takas

This fun, family-run restaurant is well set in a quaint wooden cottage with accompanying flower-filled garden. They make their own bread, and the food is really good.
Lithuanian in Juodkrantė to Nida

Karalienė Luizė

Right on the lagoon at Pervalka, this welcome respite for cyclists on the Nida–Juodkrantė trail combines a decent restaurant (in summer) with well-appointed rooms.
European in Nida

Grill House'as

A good option for a burger, steak or salad (or just a beer), the Grill House also has a terrace with harbour views, for the sunny season.