Customs Regulations

The Lithuanian Customs Department ( in Vilnius has online updates.

From outside the EU you can import duty-free into Lithuania: 1L of spirits, 2L of wine or champagne, and 200 cigarettes or 250g of tobacco. Meat and dairy products cannot be brought in as hand luggage from outside the EU. Upon entering, you must declare foreign currency in cash above €10,000, and the same amount when exiting.

When travelling within the EU, there are no restrictions on what you can take in and out of Lithuania providing it’s for personal use.

Lithuania limits amber exports, but a few souvenirs should be OK providing the value doesn’t exceed €1000. You need a Culture Ministry permit, and to pay 10% to 20% duty, to export artworks over 50 years old. Contact the Committee of Cultural Heritage ( for info.


Not required for citizens of the EU, USA, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and Australia.