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$9.25 Kid Friendly

Trakai Island Castle Museum Entrance Ticket

Trakai town located 28 kilometres west of Vilnius, was a cradle of the Lithuanian statehood, an important military and political centre, headquarters of the Lithuanian Grand Dukes, and the capital of Lithuania. Construction of the Island Castle on one of the larger islands of Galvė Lake began in the second half of the 14th century. Presumably, the construction of the castle was begun by the Grand Duke Kęstutis and was concluded in the early 15th century by his son Vytautas. These rulers were very important characters in Lithuanian history thus the Trakai Island Castle had also had a significant role in Lithuanian history.In 1410 just after the famous Battle of Grünenwald, Trakai Island castle was turned into a residence of Grand Dukes of Lithuania Vytautas and Kęstutis. Later on, in the 16th century, the role of the castle went down and the visits of Grand Dukes became increasingly seldom. The Lithuanian Metrics that had been kept in the castle was moved to Vilnius in 1511, and the Island Castle became a prison for noblemen.After desolating invasion of Muscovy troops in 1655–1661, Trakai was plundered and burned down; the Island Castle was destroyed and remained ruined; the city did not revive and became a small provincial town.Trakai island Castle has been reconstructed in years 1929-1987 and currently houses a museum of Lithuanian history. 

$484.28 Air, Helicopter & Balloon Tours

Romantic Hot Air Balloon Ride in Trakai

Let a trip to Lithuania become special by having a date on a hot air balloon. Romantic flight in a hot air balloon over the town of Trakai will be something you never forget. Just imagine the perfectly green forests surrounding the town, a majestic lake with a XIV century castle in the middle of it, the peaceful atmosphere and the best company you could ever wish for. When was the last time you went on a date? Just take-off and have a look at the daily life from the bird's view.Jump in the basket and plunge into one of the best experiences in your lifetime. Explore the undeniable beauty of Lithuania. Everyone who has ever flown in a hot air balloon says that it reminds them of the peaceful swimming through the air. The flight lasts for 60 minutes, so you will have plenty of time to set your excitement at ease, admire the views and take some pictures. Feel free to ask the team any questions you might have as you fly. In the end get prepared for a soft landing somewhere in the meadow, join the team packing a balloon and celebrate your baptism ceremony with the fire, ground and champagne. Long talks and excitement will follow before the team finally drops you back to the hotel. Your transportation, a private hot air balloon experience and baptism ceremony are all included in this package.

$115.58 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Cooking and History Lesson

Do you know how many places there are in Lithuania which offers every guest the chance to revel in a cozy, intimate atmosphere and pleasant service at a low cost? Many of you would probably say: “Quite a few”...    And do you know how many places there are in Lithuania which offers their guests the chance to sample the culinary traditions which are a part of the Lithuanian cultural heritage? It’s quite possible that many of you would then say, “Very few”...Whenever you come to Trakai to delight in its scenic panorama, the warmest of welcomes awaits you at “the Old Kybyn Inn.Our aim is to give our guests the chance of exploring the dishes of the Lithuanian and Karaite culinary heritage, offering them an escape from routine as they experience something new, something they unlikely to find anywhere else. At the Old Kybyn Inn, you can put the nimbleness of your fingers to the test, folding and plaiting Lithuanian dough while listening to a tale of the Karaite traditions... Then, indeed, will you understand how the special recipe and curious cooking process turn the combination of dough and filling into the unique traditional Karaite meat pasty – the Kybyn. Here, at the Old Kybyn Inn, time comes to a standstill...See it, taste it, and feel it, with all your heart...

$144.47 Food, Wine & Nightlife

Lithuanian Bread Baking Class

This Lithuanian Bread Baking activity will be held at the very old table inside the ethnographic farmstead room, which has a traditional bread oven and collection of ancient household utensils. Each participant will have an opportunity to form a loaf of bread for themselves. After that the bread will be put into the oven to bake. While the bread is baking, the teacher will show how to separate the grain from which are baked homemade bread, she will also tell the story of bread and the long way from sowing to dough mixing and placing in the oven - to get fresh bread. Ethnographic farmstead, in which you are going to have bread baking lecture, is special and unique with its' cultural and culinary heritage. The educational part will be held at the farmstead, located 25 km away from Trakai. Transportation is not included.

$253.12 Water Sports

Scuba Diving in Trakai

Scuba Diving - It's an Endless Adventure. Once you try it, you will understand that it was the entertainment that you lacked the most! Program of the activity: Pick-up from Vilnius (hotel or city center)Individual transfer to Trakai (up to three people - car; from four people - minivan)Instructions for scuba diving activity (1 h - 1:30 h)Scuba diving (30 min - 45 min)Free time in Trakai (approximately 2 hours)Individual transfer to Vilnius (hotel or city center)Scuba diving equipment is included in the price. Prior to the session, the participant must fill out the medical questionnaire. Up to 4 people can be taught how to scuba dive at the same time.

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