Top things to do in Anykščiai

Museum in Anykščiai

Horse Museum

Horse lovers – and kids – will want to make the journey 6km north to Lithuania’s only horse museum, in the tiny village of Niūronys. Set out as a traditional farmstead, the museum displays black-and-white photos of …
Landmark in Anykščiai

Puntukas Stone

A pine forest 10km south of Anykščiai contains the Puntakas Stone (Puntuko akmuo) a boulder 5.7m tall, 6.7m wide and 6.9m long, which legend says was put there by the devil. While he was trying to destroy Anykščiai’…
Museum in Anykščiai

Narrow-Gauge Railway Museum

Housed in Anykščiai’s old station, this museum gives visitors the chance to ride on manual rail cars and, on weekends from May to October, take a trip along the line to either Troškūnai or Rubikiai. Trains leave at …
Music in Anykščiai

Devilstone Music Festival

Originally an extreme metal festival, this open-air event now brings all forms of hard rock to Anykščiai's Dainuva Valley for four days every July.