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Visit a unique activity where you'll find a new take on the world around you and have an unforgettable experience! A unique novelty, the first of its kind in Lithuania, has opened its doors in Radailiai only 7 km away from Klaipėda - THE RADAILIAI UPSIDE-DOWN HOUSE!
Visit: Apverstas namas RADAILIAI, Klaipeda, Klaipeda CountyTHE RADAILIAI UPSIDE-DOWN HOUSE is a house that stands on its roof. Everything inside is upside-down as well, playfully disrupting our daily routines and experiences. This relaxing activity is for those of us who are suffering from a stagnant daily habitual routine, providing us with a new perspective on our need for comfort and stability.Upside-down houses and manors are very popular activities throughout the world. From now on, you won't have to travel abroad to try out this activity. Be the first to try this activity near the DINO.LT dinosaur park in Radailiai, only 7 km from Klaipėda.Our clock turns counter-clockwise as wellOne night, the whole dinosaur village decided to play a prank on Tyrannosaurus Rex and scare him. While he was under a deep sleep, the rest of the dinosaurs brought water and poured it all over Rex. The Tyrannosaurus Rex jumped up frightened, grew angry at the other dinosaurs, and began knocking down trees in the forest. He broke anything that found itself under his claws. In a rage, he ran through the whole village and, with a terrible, sad and angry roar, exclaimed that he'd never return to the dinosaur park ever again. The T-Rex ran and ran until he reached a beautiful sunlit meadow. As the large space opened up, he could see his home on the horizon. That calmed Tyrannosaurus Rex down, so he sat down under the warm sunlight. As he enjoyed the birds' beautiful songs and the flowers in the meadow, he decided that this would be an excellent place to live, and his lonely days would pass more happily and quickly. The Tyrannosaur walked back through the village and inspected all of the homes. Once he found an empty house, he dragged it back to his favourite spot, flipped it on its roof, wove himself a rope, and tied himself to the house to announce that he was now the ruler of this unusual new house. The powerful Tyrannosaurus Rex now enjoys spending his days and nights under the warm sun and the starlit night sky. Occasionally, he sings a lonely song as he looks off towards the dinosaur park. However, the guests that come to visit his home from all over the world never fail to lift his mood again. :)

What’s included

  • Chance to take remarkable photos
  • Entry/Admission - Apverstas namas RADAILIAI

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  • Transportation to/from attractions
  • Food and drinks