Liberia restaurants

Top Choice International in Monrovia


This is hands-down Monrovia's favourite spot for lunch and early-evening cocktails. Evelyn's offers upmarket Liberian dishes (such as palm butter and rice), American mains including sandwiches, and an all-you-can-ea…
International in Monrovia

Golden Beach

Life in Liberia doesn't get better than this. Exhale, kick off your shoes and start your evening here, where tables sink into the sand and sunsets dip behind gin and tonics. Nobody's in a hurry here, including the c…
Asian in Harper

Pak Bat

There's great South Asian food to be had at Pak Bat, the Pakistani UN peacekeepers' battalion, so long as you're prepared to hang with pretty much only NGO workers.
Liberian in Harper


Jade's (or Sweet Baby, as some locals lovingly call it) serves fish, chicken and rice, as well as sandwiches and pizzas if the delivery truck has brought supplies.
Liberian in Monrovia

Sweet Lips

This firm favourite is said to serve up the very best Liberian food in town – try the excellent fufu (puréed, fermented cassava) and palm butter.
Lebanese in Monrovia

Sajj House

Lebanese meze, cheese-and-spinach pies, sandwiches and pizzas are served beneath the awnings of a large traditional Liberian garden hut. Popular with salsa-dancing expats on Friday nights, Sajj has a fully stocked b…
Lebanese in Monrovia

Embassy Suites

The friendly staff at Embassy Suites (also a good hotel) will bring over bowls of popcorn before you start your meal. On the menu is a mix of Lebanese and American dishes, including fresh salads, steaks and pizzas. …
Ice Cream in Monrovia

Shark's Ice Cream

Head here for American-dreamt, Liberia-made ice cream. There are usually a handful of flavours on offer, such as chocolate and passion fruit, although many regulars swear by the creamy vanilla. There's also a sandw…
Liberian in Monrovia

Blue House

A smart restaurant serving creative dishes made from local ingredients, a glam cocktail bar, and the occasional live-jazz act, Blue House fits the bill for a date or special evening. In the furthest part of Congo To…
Ethiopian in Monrovia


For a change from Monrovia's plethora of American, Lebanese – and of course Liberian – restaurants, there's Ethiopian restaurant Bishoftu in Sinkor, which has an outdoor courtyard. The injera (flatbread) is well-pre…