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Before You Go

Recommended Vaccinations

You will need a valid yellow-fever vaccination certificate in order to enter Liberia. Malaria is endemic and prophylactics are recommended. Typhoid is also relatively common, so get vaccinated and always take care to wash your hands before eating. Other vaccinations to look into include hepatitis A, hepatitis B, meningococcal meningitis and boosters for tetanus, diphtheria and measles.

Health Insurance

Be sure to obtain reliable travel insurance before arrival, including insurance that covers emergency evacuation.

In Liberia

Availability & Cost of Healthcare

The strained healthcare system was affected deeply by the Ebola virus. In Monrovia, adequate hospitals are available, but in rural areas you may need to travel for at least a day to the nearest doctor. Costs are comparable to European countries.

Tap Water

The tap water in Liberia is not safe to drink. Buy bottled water and use it for everything including brushing your teeth.