Liberia in detail

Entry & Exit Formalities


Visas are required by all except nationals of Economic Community of West African States or South Korea. Costs vary depending on where they are procured.

Further Information

A three-month single-entry visa for US citizens costs US$131. In a pinch, airport visas can be secured but you must have a company apply to immigration ahead of time and someone must bring the visa to meet your plane at the airport.

Visa Extensions

Visas can be extended at the Bureau of Immigration in Monrovia.

Visas for Onward Travel

Côte d'Ivoire

Bring one passport photo and leave your passport between 9am and 1pm or 2pm to 3pm Monday to Friday. A one-month single-entry visa costs US$75 for all nationals. Processing usually takes five working days but can be done faster at no extra cost if you're in a hurry.


Bring two passport photos and leave your passport between 9.30am and 4pm Monday to Friday. One-month single-entry visas cost US$65 for citizens of the EU, Australia and New Zealand, or US$100 for US and Canadian nationals. Processing takes 24 hours.

Sierra Leone

You'll need two passport photos and a photocopy of your passport to get a visa. Applications are accepted only between 10am and 2pm on Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and single-entry visas valid for up to three months cost US$100 for citizens of the EU, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. US citizens are charged US$131.

Customs Regulations