Top things to do in Harper

Asian in Harper

Pak Bat

There's great South Asian food to be had at Pak Bat, the Pakistani UN peacekeepers' battalion, so long as you're prepared to hang with pretty much only NGO workers.
Liberian in Harper


Jade's (or Sweet Baby, as some locals lovingly call it) serves fish, chicken and rice, as well as sandwiches and pizzas if the delivery truck has brought supplies.
Lighthouse in Harper

Cape Palmas Lighthouse

This lighthouse can be climbed for an outstanding panoramic view of the cape. Although no longer functional, it's on a UN base, so get permission first, and don't attempt to scale the small, slippery steps during th…
House in Harper

William Tubman mansion

In the early evenings, the soft light gives an eldritch feel to the shell of the presidential mansion of former president William Tubman, who was born in Harper, and the remnants of the Morning Star Masonic Lodge, b…
Cafe in Harper


Bobby's tea shop does the best breakfasts in town: think beans, spaghetti, instant coffee and greasy egg baps.
Bar in Harper


For beachside drinks (you can sip with your toes in the sand), Oceanview can't be beaten.
Liberian in Harper


Sophie's offers good potato greens and cassava-leaf stew.