Top things to do in Leribe

Historic Site in Leribe

Subeng River Dinosaur Footprints

Dinosaur footprints abound near Leribe. About 7km north of town (en route to Butha-Buthe) are the Subeng River footprints. At the signpost, just before the road crosses the river, walk down about 500m to a concrete …
Historic Site in Leribe

Tsikoane Village Dinosaur Footprints

This set of footprints is a few kilometres south of Leribe at Tsikoane village. Immediately after the Tsikoane Primary School, take the small dirt road to the right towards some rocky outcrops. Follow it up to the c…
Crafts in Leribe

Leribe Craft Centre

Sells a range of high-quality mohair goods from ponchos to stoles, plus craftwork and books on Lesotho, at good prices. Find it on the main road, downhill from the Mountain View Hotel and opposite the hospital.
Landmark in Leribe

Major Bell’s Tower

Leribe's main sight is this crumbling gun tower near the market. It was built for the Gun War in the late 1800s, but spent most of its career as a storehouse for government records. The tower is not open to visitors…