Top things to do in Les Hautes Plaines & the Volcano

Top Choice International in Plaine-des-Cafres


What do you get if you cross a Réunionnais chef (André), a Senegalese waiter (Abdou) and a snug dining room? The QG! The eclectic menu features exquisitely cooked rougail zandouille (chitterlings stew Creole-style) …
Top Choice Natural Site in Piton de la Fournaise (The Volcano)

Plaine des Sables

You've reached the end of the world! The Plaine des Sables is a wide windswept plain, made of ashes. With its lunar landscape, it could form a perfect backdrop for a new version of Mad Max. From the Pas des Sables, …
Top Choice Cheese in Plaine-des-Cafres

Palais du Fromage

The aptly named 'Cheese Palace' is famous for its superb range of cheeses, including a delicious fromage au miel (cheese flavoured with honey), best enjoyed at a picnic table in the cryptomeria forest nearby. Also c…
Viewpoint in Piton de la Fournaise (The Volcano)

Pas de Bellecombe

From the viewpoint at Pas de Bellecombe (2311m), the 'entrance' to the volcanic area, you'll be rewarded with mesmerising views of the volcano and its outer crater, known as Enclos Fouqué. The very photogenic, small…
Museum in Plaine-des-Cafres

Cité du Volcan

Everything you need to know about Piton de la Fournaise and volcanoes in general should become clear at the excellent Cité du Volcan. It was completely refurbished and modernised in 2013, so you can expect state-of-…
Viewpoint in Piton de la Fournaise (The Volcano)

Pas des Sables

About 22km from Bourg-Murat, there's a fabulous viewpoint at Pas des Sables (2360m), from where you can gaze at the barren moonscape that is the Plaine des Sables.
Creole in Plaine-des-Palmistes

Les Platanes – Chez Jean-Paul

One of the best-known eateries in the area, this colourful spot on the main drag is popular with Réunionnais families – a good sign. The atmosphere is laid-back and the food is similarly unpretentious with the empha…
Creole in Plaine-des-Cafres

La Ferme du Pêcher Gourmand

This ferme-auberge (farm restaurant) on the main road south of Bourg-Murat offers superb value for money and delicious, no-nonsense farmhouse food. Along with duck preparations and seasonal vegetables, signature dis…
International in Plaine-des-Cafres

Ti Resto Lontan

Don't let the bland building put you off – this jovial venture has won a faithful following for its value-for-money seasonal fare. Tuck into tasty carris, copious salads and simply cooked meat and fish dishes. For d…
Historic Building in Plaine-des-Palmistes

Domaine des Tourelles

A lovely 1920s Creole building just south of the town centre, Domaine des Tourelles now houses a shop selling local produce and souvenirs. Outside, you'll also find a cluster of crafts shops. The rather motley assor…