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Top Choice Archaeological Site in Tyre

Al Bass Archaeological Site

This sprawling site lies 2km east of the centre, entered off the highway. Just past the entrance is a vast funerary complex, with hundreds of ornate sarcophagi and tombs, several still filled with bones. Next to it,…
Seafood in Tyre


At first glance, this simple, informal place opposite the port doesn't appear to offer much to the diner. But after sampling Tony's ultra-fresh fish and shrimp, you're sure to become an instant devotee. Dine on what…
Archaeological Site in Tyre

Al Mina Archaeological Site

Dating from the 3rd millennium BC, these atmospheric ruins cover a large area leading down to an ancient submerged harbour. Highlights include a street paved with geometrical Roman and Byzantine mosaics, on each sid…
Ruins in Tyre


Part of the Al Bass archaeological site, this well-preserved Roman hippodrome was built in the 2nd century AD and once held more than 20,000 spectators. A section of seating is well conserved; imagine taking your pl…
Ruins in Tyre

Roman Necropolis

Part of the Al Bass archaeological site, this sizeable funerary complex has hundreds of ornate stone and marble sarcophagi as well as collective tomb structures, several still filled with bones. The necropolis stood…
Ruins in Tyre

Rectangular Arena

The most curious building at the Al Mina site is this 4th-century rectangular arena that would have held up to 2000 spectators. Its exact use is unknown; it has been suggested to have been a venue for some sort of a…
Ruins in Tyre

Monumental Archway

This impressive archway towers over the Roman road that runs beneath it. It marked the entrance to the city and probably dates from the time of Emperor Hadrian (2nd century AD). It's part of the Al Bass archaeologic…
Ruins in Tyre

Roman Bathhouse

This unusually large bathhouse at the Al Mina ruins complex dates from the 2nd or 3rd century AD. You can clearly see the masses of brick columns that formed the hypocaust heating system.
Lebanese in Tyre

Restaurant Al Fanar

Hotel Al Fanar has a pub with a marvellous seaside terrace, a prime spot for a late-afternoon drink. They do a range of classic Lebanese dishes and also turn out OK sushi.
Ruins in Tyre

Crusader Cathedral

The hefty bones of this sizeable cathedral are visible near the main Al Mina site. It was built in the 12th century and destroyed by the Mamluks who conquered Tyre in 1291. You can appreciate the scale of the three-…