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Historic Building in Tripoli

Hammam al-Jadid

While certainly not new – Hammam al-Jadid was built around 1740 – it was in use until the 1970s and is the city's best-preserved and largest hammam (with the exception of the still-functioning Hammam al-Abd). It was…
Castle in Tripoli

Citadel of Raymond de Saint-Gilles

Towering above Tripoli, this Crusader fortress was originally built during the period from 1103 to 1104. Burned down in 1297, it was partly rebuilt the following century by a Mamluk emir. Today, its most impressive …
Architecture in Tripoli

Madrassa al-Nouriyat

A religious school that has distinctive black-and-white stonework and a beautiful inlaid mihrab and is still in use today.
Mosque in Tripoli

Al-Muallaq Mosque

You have to glance up to see this small and unusual 14th-century mosque, which is on the 2nd floor of a building.
Market in Tripoli

Souq al-Attarin

Find perfumes and spices here.
Market in Tripoli

Souq al-Sayyaghin

Market in Tripoli

Souq an-Nahhassin

Architecture in Tripoli

Madrassa al-Qartawiyya

Attached to the east side of the Great Mosque is Madrassa al-Qartawiyya, which was built by a Mamluk governor of the same name in the early 1300s, over the baptistery of the old cathedral. Famed for its fine workman…
Historic Building in Tripoli

Khan al-Misriyyin

Believed to date from the 14th century when it was used by Egyptian merchants, this dilapidated khan is home to one of the city's most famous businesses, Sharkass. Making olive-oil soap since 1803, this family-run c…
Market in Tripoli

Souq al-Haraj

At the northern end of the old town is Souq al-Haraj, which is thought to have been built on the site of a Crusader church. Its high, vaulted ceiling is supported by 14 granite columns, two at the centre and 12 rang…