Getting There & Away

Several companies run bus services from Beirut to Tripoli. All leave from Charles Helou bus station in Beirut; there’s no need to book ahead.

Connex ( has 20 buses daily in either direction (LL5000, 90 minutes via Jounieh and Byblos, every 30 minutes from around 7am to 8.30pm). Other companies are slightly cheaper but significantly slower.

Ahdab also runs minibuses from Tripoli to Beirut (LL3000, around two hours, every 15 minutes from 6am to 8pm). All bus and minibus services depart from Rue Fouad Chehab and Rue Tall in Tripoli. Service taxis leave about every half-hour to Beirut (LL6000, 1½ hours) from near the service-taxi booth, just in front of the clock tower.

Daily minibuses to Bcharré (LL4000, 80 minutes, three to four services between 9am and 5pm) leave from outside the Marco Polo travel agency, which is about 25m from the tourist office (Abdel Hamid Karami Sq). For the Cedars, organise a taxi at Bcharré (around LL20,000).

A service taxi from Tripoli to Bcharré costs LL6000 (from 6am to 5pm) and to the Cedars it’s LL10,000; both leave from Al Koura Sq.