Castle in Tripoli (Trablous)

Citadel of Raymond de Saint-Gilles

Towering above Tripoli, this Crusader fortress was originally built during the period from 1103 to 1104. Burned down in 1297, it was partly rebuilt the following century by a Mamluk emir. Today, its most impressive …
Mosque in Tripoli (Trablous)

Al-Muallaq Mosque

You have to glance up to see this small and unusual 14th-century mosque, which is on the 2nd floor of a building. Located just opposite is the Hammam al-Jadid, the city’s best-preserved bathhouse, in use from around…
Fortress in Tripoli (Trablous)

Burj Es-Sabaa (Lion Tower)

The only monument of real interest in Al-Mina is the Lion Tower, a miniature fortress at the eastern end of the harbour. Named after the bas-relief lions that used to line the facade, the building dates from the en…
Mosque in Tripoli (Trablous)

Al-Burtasiya Mosque & Madrassa

Close to the souq, the mosque has a particularly fine mihrab decorated with stone and glass mosaics overlaid with gold leaf.
Bath House in Tripoli (Trablous)

Hammam al-Jadid

While certainly not new – Hammam al-Jadid was built around 1740 – it was in use until the 1970s and is the city's best-preserved and largest hammam (with the exception of the still-functioning Hammam al-Abd). It was…
Bath House in Tripoli (Trablous)

Hammam al-Nouri

Opposite the Al-Khairiah Hassan and Al-Nouriyat madrassas, you should see the entrance to the now derelict Hammam al-Nouri , a large public bath built around 1333. If you ask politely, the owner of the juice stand i…
Market in Tripoli (Trablous)

Khan al-Askar

Just around the corner from Souq al-Haraj (at the northern end of the old town) is Khan al-Askar, which consists of two buildings joined by a vaulted passage. It is thought to have been built in the late 13th or ear…
Historic Building in Tripoli (Trablous)

Khan al-Khayyatin

One of the most beautiful buildings in the old city, this khan was formerly a Crusader hospital and is today a beautifully restored 14th-century tailors’ souq lined with small workshops.
Architecture in Tripoli (Trablous)

Madrassa al-Qartawiyya

Attached to the east side of the Great Mosque is Madrassa al-Qartawiyya, which was built by a Mamluk governor of the same name in the early 1300s, over the baptistery of the old cathedral. Famed for its fine workman…
Architecture in Tripoli (Trablous)

Madrassa al-Tuwashiyat

Madrassa al-Tuwashiyat, a law school with an attached mausoleum that dates back to around 1471, is on the main street of the gold souq (Souq al-Sayyaghin). Built of sandstone in alternating black-and-white patterns,…