Archaeological Site in Tyre (Sour)

Al-Bass Archaeological Site

This sprawling site lies 2km east of the Al-Mina site. Just past the entrance is a vast funerary complex, with hundreds of ornate stone and marble sarcophagi. Next to it, a well-preserved Roman road stretches for ab…
Historic Building in Sidon (Saida)

Palace Debbané

Entered from the souq via a tall staircase marked with a sign, this former Ottoman aristocrat’s building built in 1721 has intricate Mamluk decoration, including tile work and cedar wood ceilings, and various histor…
Khan in Sidon (Saida)

Khan el-Franj

A highlight of the souq area is the Khan el-Franj (Inn of the Foreigners), the most beautiful and best preserved of all the limestone khans built by Fakhreddine (Fakhr ad-Din al-Maan II) in the 17th century. Wonderf…
Museum in Sidon (Saida)

Musée du Savon

Located in an old soap factory dating from the 17th century, this is Lebanon’s only museum of that most humble yet indispensable of products. Well laid-out, with trilingual explanations (Arabic, English, French) on …
Castle in Sidon (Saida)

Sea Castle

Erected in 1228 by the Crusaders, this castle sits on a small island that was formerly the site of a temple dedicated to Melkart, the Phoenician version of Hercules, and is connected to the mainland by a fortified s…
Ruins in Temple of Echmoun

Temple of Echmoun

Archaeological Site in Tyre (Sour)

Al-Mina Archaeological Site

Dating to the third millennium BC, these atmospheric ruins cover a large area leading down to an ancient submerged harbour. Highlights include a street paved with geometrical Roman and Byzantine mosaics, on each sid…
Museum in Beiteddine Palace (Beit Ad-Din)

Beiteddine Palace

One of the highlights of the Chouf mountains is the early 19th-century Beiteddine Palace, located in the otherwise unexceptional Beiteddine village around 50km southeast of Beirut.Sitting majestically on a hill surr…
Castle in Deir al-Qamar

Castle Moussa

Just outside town, 2km down the road towards Beiteddine, is the kitschy ‘outsider art’ masterpiece of Castle Moussa, a modern castle built by an eccentric businessman that houses an eclectic collection of moving dio…
Nature Reserve in Shouf Biosphere Reserve

Shouf Biosphere Reserve